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about megan j. garner,

Attorney at Law 

Megan spent many years in the corporate world before attending law school. One of the most rewarding parts of her past career was working with beneficiaries and trustees to navigate the transfer of assets upon the death of loved ones. With empathy and proficient work, she was able to help these individuals get through the process with comfort and ease. Through this experience, Megan learned how an effective estate plan can make it so much easier for the family to handle financial transactions while dealing with grief and loss. 

Megan believes that a well thought-out estate plan can provide peace of mind for her clients. She also knows how overwhelming the process can be. That is why Megan is committed to providing the attention, care and compassion that her clients need in the planning and administration of an estate. With a friendly and welcoming attitude Megan will walk you through each step of the process with patience and diligence.

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